Native Combo Pack ‘Tahi’


This combo pack is suitable to fill a 40m2 space but can be spaced out further for a larger space or closer together for impact in a smaller space. We have provided a basic layout plan but the plants can be used in a number of ways. All low maintenance hardy natives they will suit most soils and climatic conditions.

Pack includes
Carex testacea x5
Phormium cookianum x5
Coprosma Red Rocks x5
Plagianthus regius x3
Cordyline australis x1
Sophora tetraptera x1
2 year slow release fertiliser tabs 20



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Carex testacea x5 This popular NZ native perennial grass forms a densely tufted clump of arching, weeping foliage that has a distinctive green and orange colouring.   With such a contrasting colour, this plant is a good choice for mass planting or large landscaping projects. It grows best in a moist, well drained average soil and is very hardy being tolerant of both wind and frost. Also tolerant to salt-laden winds and drought, making an excellent choice for coastal plantings. Plant in full sun to part shade.

Phormium Cookianum (Mountain Flax) Drooping, twisted seed pods and shiny-green, wide, weeping leaves. Large root system is good for erosion control on banks and bunds. Smaller then P. tenax. Fruit/seeds from January-March. Nectar from November-January. Evergreen. Tolerant of dry, cold and exposure.

Coprosma Red Rocks A striking ground cover with rusty-red, intertwining branches. Tiny flowers with blue berries. Great for skinks. Grows well in poor, dry, sandy soils. Great for coastal and exposed sites. Evergreen. Hardy. 30Cmx1m

Plagianthus regius (Ribbonwood) Hardy quick-growing native with upright columnar form then developing into a rounded crown-shaped tree. Fine lush green foliage with clusters of yellow-green flowers in summer. Withstands windy conditions, a great hardy native street tree. Hardy, semi deciduous depending on severity of winter, grows to 5 x 2m.

Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree) An iconic New Zealand tree. Attractive en-masse, in mixed plantings or as a specimen. Multi-trunked with tufts of green foliage and sweetly-scented flowers. Grows just about anywhere except the coldest regions of NZ. Fruit attracts birds from January-April. Produces nectar for bees from November. Evergreen. Hardy.

Sophora tetraptera (Kowhai) Sophora tetraptera. Hardy native kowhai with generally an upright vase-shaped form and large golden bell-shaped flowers early summer attracting native tui’s and bellbirds. A useful native tree for a street tree or any native planting. Hardy, semi-deciduous depending on severity of winter, grows to 5 x 3m.

Griselinia littoralis Broadway Mint. The ultimate NZ plant which is highly adaptable and provides a lush, vibrant backdrop for your garden setting. Fantastic as a hedging plant, this bright lime green Griselinia can tolerate a wide range of conditions. Will form an attractive tree and is useful as a lawn shade tree.  It responds well to clipping to form a tidy, thick hedge that is not prone to drop leaves in dry conditions. Trim regularly into the fresh growth to maintain desired shape. Very tolerant of drought once established. Grows to Height 4m x  Width 2m