Heritage Garden Art

We are a stockist of this amazing range of unique garden sculptures. Made in NZ and manufactured from solid steel, these Garden Arches, Garden Art & Plant Supports will age naturally to give a gorgeous soft ‘rusted’ finish in your garden, giving you many years of pleasure.

These are a special order products and you can view most at our garden centre before you purchase. The garden art come as a kitset item but assembly is quite straight forward with You Tube videos available, click here. We can also assemble for you for a small fee.

The inspiration for this range of Garden Art came from the orchards that surround Havelock North. Apples, Pears and Cherries are made from Corten Steel which will age over time resulting in the gorgeous colour in these images.

Place them together as a group, dot them about your garden, or mount them on a wooden or stone plinth – however you place them they will create a stunning feature and conversation starter in your outdoor space.

Garden Arches

Heritage Garden Arches are an elegant addition to your garden. Hand-crafted in New Zealand from solid steel rod, these arches are strong and durable to enable support for any climbing plant, be it Clematis, Rose or Wisteria. Optional extras give you the ability to increase the width of your arch by 600mm or 900mm, or you can join several together in a length with Connectors to create a dramatic tunnel. Our arches can be installed into soil, with the option of anchoring pegs for high wind areas, or onto hard surfaces with our foot plates.


Corton Steel Orbs Steel which age over time resulting in a gorgeous rustic colour. Also new to the range are Orbs in stainless steel for those who may want a more modern look and feel. They look fabulous poolside as well as on the lawn, deck, or paved areas.

Basket Stand

Designed to hold a 40 cm “hanging” basket, these stands are fantastic when you don’t have anywhere to hang a basket but love the look! Plant them up with flowers, herbs, strawberries and even salad greens. Super easy to pick, tend, water and enjoy. Available in 3 heights – 60 cm, 8 0cm and 1 m tall.

Plant Supports

This beautiful range of traditionally inspired plant supports are handmade in Hawkes Bay. Manufactured from solid steel rod, they will age naturally to give a gorgeous soft ‘rusted’ finish in your borders and beds, giving you many years of pleasure.

From single plant stakes up to our majestic Trumpet and Gothic Spire, there are various options to support a large range plants in your garden